"The Pleasure of Life" since 1957

Our passion is to bring a joyful lifestyle for our owners. This philosophy is everything that makes Čezeta a world-famous motorcycle manufacturer and has been our inspiration for more than 60 years. It is in all our work and the motorbikes we produce. It can be seen in every detail of every motorbike we produce. It comes from the person who created the very first scooter to bear the Čezeta name: Jaroslav František Koch, an adventurer, a motorcycle racer, and a supremely talented engineer.

J.F. Koch
Type 501 & 502 Constructor - J.F. Koch
1962 Type 502
1962 Type 502

Leaning on a rich history of successful sports motorbikes, his first Čezeta scooter began development in 1949 and through a series of prototypes production began production in 1957 with the Type 501. In 1960 an improved Type 502 was introduced with many revolutionary features and was commonly known as 'the car on two wheels'. To date, over 115,000 Čezeta scooters have so far been sold throughout the world, many still exist today as a proof to their amazing construction quality.

Neil Smith on a Cezeta type 506
New Type 506 Constructor - Neil Eamonn Smith

Koch's dream of building the perfect scooter motorcycle has always driven us throughout our history to lead the way. This ideal, to build the world's most desirable scooter has led us to not only design a beautiful motorbike, but marry performance with controllability in the most intelligent way possible. It's not just about power ratings and acceleration, but also about ideas and innovations to make it practical and simple to use. This principle is embodied in every single one of our motorbikes.


"We always promise to remain true to our principles, it's how our concepts come into existence"

cezeta scooter history

A Distinguished Style

A Čezeta is instantly distinguishable. It defies conventions with its characteristic design idiom and silhouettes: features that every Čezeta has picked up on since 1957 - and is now reinterpreted for our era by the elegant Type 506. It is a manifestation of style and a singular attitude to life. It is the realisation of a rare dream.

cezeta scooter history

Precision-Control of High Performance

We build large high-performance touring scooters, that is all we have done since 1957. No A1 motorcycle exists in the world that matches the dashing performance of a Čezeta Type 506. It's thanks to the electric powertrain truly transforming your journeys from riding to being. Engage your senses, excite your pulse.

cezeta scooter heritage

Personal Attention To You

A Čezeta is more than just a motorcycle, it's a unique scooter that is composed specifically for you. And only you. When you buy, you join our club and we want you to enjoy the experience! We offer services like full concierge support and at-home servicing for total peace of mind.